Firesafe Flowmeter – O2 – BS 5682 – Single Direct – 0-15 lpm

Precision Float

Unlike conventional ball and glass style flowmeters, the Firesafe™ Flowmeter incorporates a precision float with a fluted rim, that continuously rotates in the gas stream to provide visual confirmation that gas is flowing and the device is providing an accurate reading.

Device Specifications:

Flow Range 1 to 15 l/min
Inlet Connection BS 5682
Outlet Connection Barb to EN 13544-2 (6 mm nominal tube)
Direct/Indirect Direct
Single/Dual Single
Nominal inlet pressure 400 kPa
Accuracy at nominal pressure +/- 10 % of indicated reading between 1 and 15 l/min.
Maximum flow (flush flow mode): 25 – 30 l/min
Inlet filtration 25 µm
Intended Life 7 years
Applied Standards EN ISO 15002:2008 – Flow-metering devices for connection to terminal units of medical gas pipeline systems
Regulatory EC: MDD Class IIa Medical Device
Firesafe Flowmeter – O2 – BS 5682 – Single Direct – 0-15 lp