Firesafe Nozzle (10 pack) 9/16″ UNF (DISS) Female

Fitted to FireSafe™ Flowmeters and at the interface with other oxygen supply devices, Firesafe™ Nozzles automatically arrest the flow of oxygen during a fire.

Device Specifications:

Gas Compatibility Oxygen and oxygen enriched air
Flow Rate 0.7* – 25 l/min


The Firesafe Cannula Valve can be safely used at lower flow rates but may not meet the internal leak rate of 10 ml/min when activated in the event of a fire.

Maximum Operating Pressure 1,000 kPa*


*Maximum static pressure delivered by the gas supply source

Intended Life 8 years after date of manufacture (engraved on device)
Packaging 10 units per pack
Applied Standards EN 13544-2:2002 – Respiratory Therapy Equipment – Part 2: Tubing and connectors.
Regulatory EC: MDD Class IIa Medical Device USA: FDA Class 1 Medical Device; 510(k) exempt Canada: Health Canada licence ref. 78173 Japan: PMDA Class 1 Medical Device Australia: Class IIa, ARTG Indentifier 177167 GMDN Code and Term: 60391 – Fire safety valve
Firesafe Nozzle (10 pack) 9/16″ UNF (DISS) Female